That my tutor Steven Tyler (honest, that’s his name. Look him up on the college website) set the class last week was to take some video he recorded at the Helix of The Kelpies and edit it into a short film.

To do this I used Adobe Premiere. Adobe Premiere seemed more daunting at first than any other video editing software I’ve used before but the simple and easy to understand interface is quite easy to navigate around. After a few hours I had a finished movie.

As an experiment I put together a second movie with better transitions using only still images I found online (if I’ve used your image and want credited for use or removed please let me know) but added some text and also a voiceover recorded using the open source audio editing program Audacity*.

Kelpies are mythical Scottish creatures so I asked my wife to do the voiceover. She’s got a better speaking voice than I have. She also has a lovely Scottish accent that adds to the overall feel.

Audacity happens to be the program I’ll be using in Audio Editing class. Getting to have a look at how it works is a help for the future and I’ve already learned a little trick for removing background noise to clean up a voice recording. There’s a lot of functionality in Audacity and I’ve barely scratched the surface so far.

* You can get a copy of Audacity here if you want to find a powerful audio editing tool.