This recipe is a closely guarded secret in certain areas of Edinburgh. I’m giving it to you as something that is a surefire way to be invited to an amazing amount of barbeques. Whilst it’s a bit pricey to put together it’s well worth the effort.

German Potato Salad.

1k of new potatoes.
6 eggs.
Pickled gherkins.
Pickled cauliflower.
Pickled silver skin onions.
Jar Mayonnaise.
Bunch of spring onions.

Half the potatoes and boil.
Boil eggs.

Cut gherkins into small cubes.
Cut silver skin onions in half.
Cut spring onions into small slices.
Cut cauliflower into small florets.

If you’re trying to keep the price down get a jar of mixed pickles, if not go for your favourite kinds of pickled vegetables.

PICKLES I love Mclures pickles and think that the potato salad is as good as its ingredients. The better they are the better it will be. If it’s for a student BBQ grab the cheapest jar of mixed pickles and go with that. Best to go for the industry standard Helmann’s mayonaise. Full fat works best but you can use the reduced fat if you so desire.

Take eggs off the boil and peel while still warm.  Here’s a quick way to peel a hardboiled egg.

Take potatoes off boil and drain. Peel while still hot. Put into a large bowl. Mix in the mayonnaise as you go so that the hot potatoes slightly melt the mayo. Quarter the eggs. Add the quartered eggs to the potato and Mayo mix. Put the rest of the pickled veg into the bowl and mix through.

Use the sliced spring onions as a garnish or mix them in with the rest of the ingredients.

The trick to this recipe is the amounts of ingredients to use. Add pickles in small amounts until the mix looks like it has a good pickles to potato and eggs ratio.