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Edinburgh never knew what it was about to spawn.



The last couple of days had been hectic…

After winning a ticket to the British round of the MotoGP circus last week and having secured a ride from Edinburgh to Silverstone with a photographer I was yesterday informed morning that the ride had went pear shaped.

The photographer I was getting a ride from was admitted to hospital and was being kept in. This left me with not much hope of being able to get there so yesterday morning I took to twitter to see if anyone was passing. Several hundred people retweeted my appeal and so did a few of the racers I sent the plea to.

After several hours smashing hell out of everyone’s timeline I managed to sort out a car for a couple of days. I’ll be headed to Silverstone on Friday and will be at the campsite in the early evening.

More to follow…





I went to sign on this morning and while I was walking from the bus stop to the job centre I spotted a young homeless guy sitting outside Starbucks on Lothian road with an empty discarded coffee cup in front of him.

As I had no change and very little money to spare (I’m currently unemployed and not yet getting benefits due to personal circumstances) I had to walk past without giving him anything. A feeling of sadness for the guy was still tugging at me when I left the job centre and I felt that even though I was down on my luck I was still better off than a lot of people in our society.

A quote from some philosopher or other passed through my mind…

“Always do at least one good deed a day for someone other than yourself”

So instead of walking past the homeless guy on the way back to the bus stop, I walked into Tesco Express and got one of their £3 Meal Deals with the last of my money in my bank account and walked to where he was sitting.

“Hey brother, here’s something to eat, sorry it’s not more.” I said as I handed him the sandwich, juice and pack of crisps.

He looked up at me and said “Thanks mate, that’s much appreciated. Thanks a lot.”

“No problem brother, we’re all in the same boat…” I said and went on my way.

As I stood at the bus stop I rolled myself a smoke and watched as a skateboarder examined the discarded cigarette ends. “Need a smoke man?” I asked.

“Pardon?” He replied.

“Do you want a smoke?” I asked again.

“If you don’t mind?”” He said.

“I’m not getting lung cancer on my own man, I’ll take you with me if I can…” I joked.

He rolled himself a cigarette and we passed the time waiting on the bus talking about skateboarding. When the bus arrived we got on and continued chatting until we reached the skatepark where he thanked me for the cigarettes and got off.

A couple of hours later I was sitting in the Doctors waiting room and had a look on Twitter to pass the time. Whereupon I discovered I had won a paddock pass for the British Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Now all I need to do is find a way to get there…


Thanks to the many followers on Twitter I now have a lift from Edinburgh sorted out. One of the official MotoGP photographers no less! I’ll not mention his name on here as I don’t have his permission but I will say that he is now in my will. This time next week I’ll be at the MotoGP race!

Thanks must go to @ZopoMobileBrand on twitter for the prize.

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