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Excel Pope



The West Wing was broadcast from 1999 to 2006, and covers the presidency of Jed Bartlet, a democratic Nobel laureate. Bartlet is liberal, educated, erudite and politically skilled…so pretty much a polar opposite to Donald Trump.
The West Wig is my imagining of what would happen if you replaced Bartlet with Trump in some of the iconic scenes from The West Wing.
As you’d expect, it all goes terribly well.


West Wig 1 – Trump’s grand entrance
West Wig 2 – Trump shows off his book smarts
West Wig 3 – Trump and Leo argue over the use of the military
West Wig 4 – Trump and Charlie have a moment
West Wig 5 – Trump hires Ainsley
West Wig 6 – Trump during the aftermath of an assassination attempt
West Wig 7 – Josh and the secret plan to fight inflation
West Wig 8 – Trump and…

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