So, having failed maths with spectacular aplomb I was unable to go onto the next year of the Web Design course which, if I’m honest, isn’t that much of a hardship as I can’t get my head around programming no matter how hard I try. People that can do programming are obviously autistic to the level that they can program a computer with ease but can’t handle when the box of Rice Crispies in a millimeter out of place in the cupboard.

But, my friends, there is hope. I’m now two weeks into a new year of study.

I’ve decided to take a course in Media and Broadcasting and am enjoying it so far. The class is chock full of teenagers though and I, being the grumpy old curmudgeon I am, haven’t spoken to any of them. I have however met up with a few of the people I was in class with last year so I’m not being completely anti social.

I may update this blog now and then to let you know how it’s going. I may not. Who knows?