So that’s the Pagan bullshit festival Easter holidays all done and dusted and I am now back in the rich learning environment that is Edinburgh college. Home to fellow students who are looking for the light of knowledge, who seek the truth and are the future of our world.

There are also complete fucking tools people that like to share spoilers on movies they watched when they were off rather than doing their course work…

The course that the class is currently working on as I sit and type this is about Weblogs, or blogs as they are known to anyone who isn’t trapped in 1998. Not that that is apropos to this course. Oh no. This course was written sometime just after blogging became popular and contains questions in the assessment such as this….

What do you call a group of blogs that share a common topic?

  • Blogring
  • Webring
  • Blogoverse
  • Blogosphere

Which I’m sure you’ll agree is a stupid bloody question as the correct answer for this question is Blogring and this is a phrase that was binned thirty five seconds after some yuppie fucknut coined it.

And who’s fault is it that this kind of shit is still being taught to people? Well, that’d be the fault of the SQA. An organisation that in my mind is as much use as a fishnet condom.

The SQA are the reason that if I fail Maths (through being dyscalculic) I’m unable to continue onto the HNC course I originally wanted to do. Which is a pile of shite as far as I’m concerned. At what point would I need to calculate the circumference of a circle, figure out the hypotenuse of a triangle or change a number to Standard Form when putting a website together? As far as I can tell, never.

I said as much to my maths tutor and his explanation for me knowing how to write numbers in Standard Form was, and I’m paraphrasing here “If you were to become a scientist you would need to be able to do this to make calculations easier.” to which I replied something along the lines of “Well whoop de fucking doo but I don’t want to be a scientist. I want to put websites together and all the maths needed for that is addition and subtraction. If I need anything approaching that kind of maths I’ll do what anyone with half a fucking brain would do and ask Google.”