It’s a doddle.

Nowadays you can pretty much guarantee that everyone near you has a camera on their phone. Unless of course you’re like my dad who has a Nokia JCB phone like this one.

Will survive a direct hit from a nuclear warhead but can’t take a decent photograph.

Normal people however, have some kind of Android, or an Iphone and don’t really realise just how powerful the cameras on these devices are… Possibly because the only things they’ve ever photographed are themselves in a mirror, their lunch or their cat playing with a ball of wool so they can post it to Instagram and receive the love of strangers in an attempt to fill their empty lives.

I however am not the kind of person who photographs their lunch or themselves in a mirror and I don’t own a cat so I use my phone to take pictures of things I see 1. Like the photograph below.

my image
AC/DC concert Glasgow 2015.

Admittedly it’s not the best photograph ever taken but it was good enough to get snapped up by Getty Images and sold through their website.

Which, if I’m not mistaken, makes me a professional photographer.

1 Ok so I lied. I do have pictures of my lunch on Instagram. I also have a shot of me taken in a mirror but I don’t own a cat so have posted pictures of my dog instead.