A while back I was the writer of a very (un)successful blog over on blogger.com. I originally began writing it to allow me a small place in the interwebulator that I could jot down my thoughts, post funny stories and crap out the occasional wisdom.

Six years or so later I discovered twitter and my blog slowly but surely dwindled like a guttering candle and the light went out. But now, almost halfway through a course on web design I find myself having to blog again to finish a course on weblogs.

I did consider just printing out my old blog, all 3,000 odd posts, throwing it onto the desk of my lecturer and screaming in his face “THIS IS WHAT I KNOW ABOUT BLOGGING! SIX YEARS OF MY LIFE WENT INTO THIS!” but I very much doubt that would help with me attaining a pass so I’m forced back into writing.

So, for the next few months I shall attempt to post at least once a week to let all three of my followers 1 keep abreast of things happening in the world of me.

Happy reading.

I actually have four followers but one of them is my mum and I really can’t count her in my total number of readers as she’s not really interested in what I’m writing about more than she is on keeping an eye on me and posting comments with smiley face emoticons or words of encouragement like I’m some kind of retard who needs upbeat words from his momma to spur him on to make something of his life…