At which point I got sick of writing an evaluation of this article by Simon Jenkins.

Now we are all connected Summative answers
By Ross Douglas

  1. The main ideas in this article are that the modern world and our ever increasing use of electronic devices are causing us to be more and more disconnected from those around us. The article puts forward the idea that by using mediums such as facebook, twitter and other “Social” platforms we are causing detriment to our ability to converse on a personal level as there is no face to face contact and the nuances of body language and facial expression are lost when we use a tablet, phone, or computer as our main means of contact with our fellow man.
  2. The meaning of the term “fear of conversation” relates to a belief that psychologists have that the ever increasing use of technology will lead to people losing the ability to converse on a person to person basis. “Fear of conversation” is caused by people using headphones to avoid having to connect with the world around them and also by the use of the internet as a way to stay in touch with the wider world but to disconnect with the people in their immediate vicinity.
  3. The image used in this article is perfectly aligned to the text. The hunched figure trampling on a speech bubble is a visual representation of the articles main idea. he heading
  4. The sentence “All that said, the death of conversation has been announced as often as that of the book” is making the point that in the past the argument that the book will die out due to the advent of ereaders, kindles and online print becoming more and more popular means that the book as a physical entity would cease to be. In making the claim that the propensity towards communication via the internet will cause the death knell for conversation the author uses this statement to make the point that ereaders and the like has not caused the death of books in print and so it follows that technology that allows communication will not be the end of conversation.
  5. The tone when the writer says “They even converse” is one of sarcasm. The Author is pointing out that people still get together through the medium of online interaction to meet up and do things together that interest them but while they are doing these things they also talk to one another.
  6. The text is aimed at snooty pricks who have children with names Tristram and Jemima, they like to shop at Fortnum and Mason, think Marks and Spencers has went downhill, eat focaccia bread, have red wine with their free range hand reared ethically slaughtered beef, frequent farmers markets and ski once a year in Austria and have a holiday home in St Tropez. In other words, upper middle class hipster cunts.
  7. The main aim in my opinion is to fill inches in a newspaper so the author (one of the aforementioned upper class cockwombles) can cash a cheque with the least amount of effort so he doesn’t have to get a real job which would involve something approaching actual work.
  8. Fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off….

I’m pretty sure you lot are intelligent enough to figure it out. If not, see #8.