We were sent to Edinburgh Zoo to take some photographs to use in our portfolio. I, of course, had forgotten all about the trip and was woefully unprepared. The T-Shirt I was wearing (despite being a very cool Rolling Stone amp T-shirt like the one pictured below) was nowhere near waterproof and did very little, if anything, in the way of keeping me dry.


But as I said to my classmates at the time skin is waterproof so I plodded on and got the job done without being a whiny little girl about it. Unlike some I could mention…

When we arrived we were told by our teacher that we were going to be given a tour and then set loose to do our photography. I however had different plans having worked at the Zoo for a few years. I had no interest in doing the tour and just wanted to get stuck in so I could get the hell out of there before anyone recognized me and had me thrown out.

Despite the rain I got some not too bad shots of some of the animals and have posted them below for you to have a look at.


Lioness/lion with a haircut


Rhinoceros/funny looking giant pig


Black eyed bear of some kind. Possibly a Panda.


Sea Eagle/massive pigeon


Pelican eye


Sergei the Meerkat

pelican shopped

Larger image of the Pelican.

Now all there is to do is use Photoshop to make adjustments to the images for my course.