It was my birthday yesterday. I’m now 44 years old. Happy birthday to me and all that guff…

I’m about to start a college course in four days time and am both looking forward to it and also panicking at the thought. The course is a NPA in Web Design Fundamentals and Digital Media and while I do have a small knowledge on how to play around with a computer I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting into things I know nothing of. I hereby promise I shall never again ridicule my mother for looking confused when I “Fix” her computer by searching on google…

The course paperwork says that at the end of the course I should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the main technical and design considerations in designing a website.
  • Produce and optimise graphics for the World Wide Web to a given brief.
  • Create a webpage for use on a web-server using basic HTML features.
  • Plan an animation for inclusion on a website.
  • Plan and design a digital narrative for inclusion on a website.
  • Create a digital narrative for inclusion on a website.
  • Test and Evaluate a digital narrative.
  • Produce a plan for the design and creation of a website to a clients requirement.
  • Construct and upload a website which includes text and graphics.
  • Test and evaluate a website.

Which is nice…

I get the feeling that a lot of those are things I’m familiar with from plunging around in the HTML of a couple of blogs and a couple are new. The animation and graphic sections could be fun to do. On thursday this week I have a welcome event. Classmates and lecturers will be met and I’ll find out more about start dates, funding and the like.

As I said I’m going to try to post at least one thing a day on here documenting my journey into further learning and hope you’ll drop by often and say hi.